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AgriBio is a joint initiative of the Victorian Government and La Trobe University.

The Minister for Agriculture has joint operational responsibility for AgriBio with La Trobe’s Vice Chancellor.

Victorian Government

A strong, competitive and sustainable economy is vital for Victoria's future. It will provide the confidence, investment and job opportunities that will enable a better quality of life for all Victorians, both for current and future generations.

The Victorian Government is building Victorian industry capacity by delivering services that seek to attract investment, increase exports and create jobs in our regional and rural communities. Government. has identified the food and fibre sector as one of a number of growth sectors vital to the future economic prosperity of Victoria.

Within government, Agriculture Victoria supports this agenda by delivering policy, research, development, extension, regulation and market access/facilitation services to long established and mature agricultural industries such as dairy, as well as new and emerging industries.

In May 2017, Agriculture Victoria released its ten-year Agriculture Victoria Strategy. This is a reform framework, articulating Agriculture Victoria's priorities to enhance Victorian agriculture's global competitiveness, innovation and resilience.

To learn more about Victorian Government, visit https://www.vic.gov.au/

To learn more about Victorian agriculture, visit http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/home

La Trobe University

La Trobe University (La Trobe) is one of Australia’s leading institutes of higher education. Established in 1967, it was the third University to open in Victoria, Australia.

La Trobe is an internationally acknowledged centre for teaching, training, scholarship and research, and strives to prepare students for the fast-changing needs and challenges of work and society. It has a strong commitment to internationalisation and seeks to attract students and staff from all around the world.

La Trobe has 3,000 staff, and accommodates more than 28,000 students, including approximately 4,500 international students from over 90 countries. The main Melbourne campus is in Bundoora, with six other campuses located across the State.

La Trobe has an international reputation in the molecular and life sciences, and AgriBio will further enhance the University’s science and research profile. Staff and postgraduate students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and enhanced opportunities to contribute to major research programs. AgriBio assists La Trobe to support agricultural education in Victoria.

To learn more about La Trobe, visit www.latrobe.edu.au

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