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Facility Details

AgriBio Facility

AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience, has a total size of some 30,777sqm, including three stories, a basement and external buildings. AgriBio consists of a core laboratory and office building, and external facilities such as a large glasshouse and polyhouse complex. The facility delivers a high degree of flexibility across the laboratory areas to enable adaptation to changing scientific focuses.

The design is based on:

  • integrating the new facility with the University campus infrastructure, both culturally and physically
  • creating a singular inclusive and consistent campus experience, improving the University environment
  • integrating the new facility fully into its native bush setting, both in terms of environmental performance and aesthetic.

Highlights of AgriBio include:

  • one integrated research environment
  • highly functional and flexible spaces
  • adjacency of offices to laboratories, creating greater functionality and ease of access
  • integrated sustainability
  • catering for future growth
  • open foyer featuring large glass atrium
  • dynamic staircases connecting the breakout spaces
  • breakout spaces which are visually engaged with the atrium
  • seminar rooms with views of the surrounding landscape
  • café and commercial spaces
  • great workplace amenity featuring open plan office space with abundant natural light
  • flexible laboratory spaces with moveable furniture and laboratory benches.

See also some specific features

The design and construction phase commenced in May 2009 and was completed in August 2012.

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