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Building Features

AgriBio includes the following special facilities:

  • Headhouse
    The head house is a separate building which supports a glasshouse complex providing growing spaces with different degrees of control, from growth cabinet rooms to controlled environment rooms, glasshouses, polyhouses (light-translucent shelters which exclude rain, wind and frost) and screen houses (light-translucent shelters providing wind and frost protection). The head house includes an insect laboratory, general laboratories and storage and potting rooms.

  • Headhouse.

  • Controlled Environment Rooms
    AgriBio has 77 controlled environment rooms (“CER”s) able to maintain temperatures down to -20 and up to +50 degrees Celsius. Temperatures can be controlled to +/- 0.5 degree, and humidity to +/- 5%. 36 rooms are fitted with growth lights.

  • Laboratories
    All laboratories have natural light and an open-plan layout, with adjustable shelving and moveable benches. Many are quarantine-approved or achieve Physical Containment Level 2. Laboratories are adjacent to offices for easy access between the two spaces.

  • Laboratories.

  • Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms
    AgriBio has conference capacity to seat 200 people, in addition to several smaller seminar rooms and 16 meeting rooms

  • Specialist Facilities
    AgriBio has a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imager (NMR) and specialist post mortem facilities
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