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What We Do

Scientific Programs

petri dish

AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience, is a major international facility for plant, animal and microbial biosciences and biosecurity research and diagnostics. Research at AgriBio spans the spectrum from strategic to applied science.

Scientific programs at AgriBio include:

  • world-leading gene discovery and functional genomics in major plant and animal species of importance to Victoria and Australia
  • accelerated precision-breeding technologies in major plants and animals of importance to Victoria and Australia
  • molecular breeding for disease resistance, drought tolerance, bioenergy and health
  • molecular diagnostics, biological control and other management strategies for weeds and plant and animal pests and diseases of importance to Victoria and Australia
  • physiology and genetics related to plant and animal bioactives and health
  • the development of sustainable systems for animal and plant production.

Collaborations include animal, plant, soil and microbial biosciences, ecology and biodiversity.

Potential collaborations may include forensic science, nanotechnology, electronic engineering / sensor technology, e-science, physics, and chemistry.

A multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to research and development is increasingly seen as a more effective way to tackle complex problems, rather than in isolation, leading to better, more innovative science outcomes.

Study Disciplines and Outcomes

The following fields of study are focuses at AgriBio:

  • genomics
  • proteomics
  • metabolomics
  • bioinformatics and
  • biocontainment.

in order to:

  • accelerate precision-breeding in plants and animals of importance to Victoria
  • enable molecular diagnostics and biological controls for addressing pests and diseases
  • develop sustainable plant and animal production systems
  • improve soil quality to enhance productivity

which will:

  • improve competitiveness in agricultural productivity,
  • protect agriculture from disease threats and
  • address challenges to global food security under scenarios of impact of climate change.

AgriBio scientists are working to increase efficiency of water and nutrient use, manage pests and invasive plants, and reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture, in a world where populations continue to increase and the demand for food is growing faster than ever before.

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