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What We Do

Scientific Programs

petri dish

AgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience, is a major international facility for plant, animal and microbial biosciences and biosecurity research and diagnostics. Research at AgriBio spans the spectrum from strategic to applied science.

Joint scientific programs include:

  • world-leading gene discovery and functional genomics in major plant and animal species of importance to Victoria and Australia
  • molecular breeding for disease resistance, drought tolerance, bioenergy and health
  • molecular diagnostics, biological control and other management strategies for weeds and plant and animal pests and diseases of importance to Victoria and Australia
  • physiology and genetics related to plant and animal bioactives and health
  • the development of sustainable systems for animal and plant production.

Collaborations include animal, plant, soil and microbial biosciences, ecology and biodiversity.

Potential collaborations may include forensic science, nanotechnology, electronic engineering / sensor technology, e-science, physics, and chemistry.

A multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to research and development is increasingly seen as a more effective way to tackle complex problems, rather than in isolation, leading to better, more innovative science outcomes.

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