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The research and development work of the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) and La Trobe University (La Trobe) is funded by a range of sources. The majority of external funding is from sources including Rural Industry Research and Development Corporations, industry, Cooperative Research Centres and the Federal Government. For DEPI, the Victorian Government provides co-investment and strategic funds that enable the attraction and leveraging of external funding.

Where consistent with government policy, DEPI research and development services are also provided to the commercial sector on a contractual and fee-for-service basis through DEPI's commercial agent, Agriculture Victoria Services. All services to the commercial sector comply with the National Competition Policy and are in full accordance with Victorian Government policy on costing and neutrality of these services.


Cooperative Research Centre (CRCs):

Federal funding:

Rural Industry Research and Development Corporations (RIRDCs):

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